Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sneak Peek

I probably shouldn't unveil something that is far from finished, but a bit of progress has been made on, what for me anyway is sort of an old project. I came up with the initial idea for this story probably ten or so years ago and it has been incubating. I have about half of it finished as far as a script, but that hasn't been recent progress. I need to polish up the second chapter and attempt to finish it off. I know where the story goes, but connecting the dots is sometimes a chore. Here's to a productive year. The artist is Randy Valiente, whom I have collaborated with on a previous, but as yet unreleased book. The title for this one is a work in progress, but that will all get settled in due time.


  1. This looks really amazing. What sort of story is this?

  2. thanks! it's modern crime with some magical realism.