Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ever since I watched the superb Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010) I have become obsessed with street art. If you haven't seen it it is well worth a view or two. I rarely re-watch modern stuff, but I watched this two nights in a row because I was so impressed. I hate to admit it, but it was also my first introduction to the work of Banksy. As soon as I became familiar with the fellow, I was seeing his stuff everywhere. You know how that goes.


 I saw the above pictured Godzilla around town recently and thought it was pretty amusing. I plan on taking some more pics of the local stuff to catalog it before it disappears. I wonder if there are any good street artists in the Memphis area.

So the point of all of this is that it has caused a creative itch in my brain that really needs scratching. If anyone knows any street artists (not graffiti) put me in touch because I'd love to talk to them for research purposes and no, I'm not with 21 Jump Street (anymore). The end result of this might be a street art themed graphic novel.


  1. I loved Exit Through The Gift Shop. That crazy French dude was a compelte hack, but if you can be a hack and still figure out how to create that kind of buzz about your work...more power to you...I think.

  2. Yeah, I've wondered if the whole thing was a work of fiction by Banksy. I think it's brilliant either way, but I hope the whole thing was real. Amazing what celebrity will do for your pocket book.